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    Breaking News – KSE Indonesia Published Code of Conduct for E-Scooter Users

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    In light of the fast growing enthusiasm for electric kick-scooters (“e-scooters”) as a new environmentally friendly means of transportation, many citizens in Indonesia are currently interested about upcoming new regulations for e-scooters in Indonesia and particularly in Jakarta.

    On the 6th of December 2019, Komunitas Skuter Elektris (“KSE”) Indonesia proudly published its Code of Conduct – Part 1 for e-scooter users. According to KSE Indonesia:

    “(t)his Code of Conduct creates simple e-scooter standards for Indonesia and provides safe riding guidelines. It is based on feedback from local and international e-scooter users and businesses, which was gathered and evaluated, since May 2016. Technical aspects were discussed in-depth with e-scooter designers and engineers, while the legal writing is the result of the hard work by legal professionals from Indonesia and abroad.

    Although this Code of Conduct was also inspired by successful and failed e-scooter laws from Singapore, Germany, and USA, it appears to be the world’s first complete legal framework that takes the existence of e-scooters that were designed for the usage on main roads into account.

    KSE Indonesia deeply believes that Indonesia should focus on the regulation and promotion of e-scooters that can be used safely and conveniently on main roads. This approach would be in line with Indonesia’s existing infrastructure. Moreover, e-scooters for main roads are due to their light weight in average using nine times less energy than petrol motorbikes and even five times less energy than electric motorbikes. Hence, promoting the usage of e-scooters on the main roads will significantly help reducing traffic jam, noise, pollution, and energy consumption in Indonesia. “

    What makes it more impressive is that KSE Indonesia is also

     “humbly recommending the Government of The Republic of Indonesia to create a simple law for e-scooters that recognizes the existence of three different e-scooter categories: Toy, Light, and Heavy E-scooters. The law should only be subject to certain selected paragraphs from UU No. 22 2009 and should be open for additional regulations from the Provincial Governments and certain Ministries. Such a basic law would make it easier for the e-scooter industry to develop in Indonesia and it would facilitate regulations by the Provincial Governments.”

    Skutis Corporation congratulates KSE Indonesia on this achievement and expresses its appreciation to all people and organizations who helped creating this groundbreaking Code of Conduct. We are also proud that one of the main authors in this Code of Conduct is the owner of our own company, Skutis Corporation, Dr. jur Jan Hendrik Jurgens.

    Let us together continue supporting the e-scooter revolution in Indonesia, so that they can become an alternative means of personal transportation to fight pollution, noise, traffic jam, and energy consumption!