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  • Green Warrior 4 - Green Warrior - Promotion

    Green Warrior – Promotion

    With our new Anoa Ex+ – Green Warrior you will beat every traffic jam, while saving our environment. The Green Warrior combines power with efficiency and style with practicability. Get your own Green Warrior for only 16 million Rp, instead...

    WhatsApp Image 2020 01 03 at 15.31.14 - Scammer Alert (Skuter Elektrik)

    Scammer Alert (Skuter Elektrik)

    Dear Friends and Customers, Please, be careful. This @skuterelektrik Instagram account was made by scammers. This account is not related to Skutis Corporation or any other legit skutis business. Notably, they are even using our office address.

    WhatsApp Image 2019 06 25 at 12.41.04 - Summer Promo & Kredivo Payment

    Summer Promo & Kredivo Payment

    No one on earth hates discounts, agree? Especially midyear big discounts on your favorite skutis! We are currently giving away 3.5 million discount to whoever purchases our pre-order Anoa EX+ until September 1st 2019. In order to appreciate our customers’...

    electric scooter in Bali indonesia from Skutis

    New Shop Opening in Kemang, Jakarta

    Skutis Corporation is thrilled to announce a brand new shop opening in Kemang, Jakarta. After our first shops in Bali, we set foot in the capital city of Indonesia as well. At the showroom, skutis will be available for sale...

    LED green - New in Stock- LED Underbody Light Kit

    New in Stock- LED Underbody Light Kit

    Dear Skutis Friends, Skutis Corporation is proud to announce that skutis’ riders can now equip their skutis with our new customized outdoor LED underbody light kit! The kit comes with remote control and allows riders to choose between 16 colours....