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    At Skutis Corporation we deeply believe that the distribution and maintenance of skutis and skutis accessories is a valuable contribution to society.

    Each additional skutis distributed means:

    icon 01 200 - Charity
    icon 02 200 - Charity
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    We also believe that every successful company should voluntarily contribute to society beyond its actual core business. Therefore, Skutis Corporation is determined to stay constantly active with regards to charity related projects.

    As a result, we have started Collaboration with Futura Indonesia (focus Lombok) and Walkers on Wheels (focus Bali).

    Futura Indonesia Logo - Charity

    Since February 2017, we have started collaboration with Futura Indonesia, a German/Indonesian non-profit organization, that established a Montessori kindergarten and a Montessori primary school in West-Lombok, Indonesia. Futura Indonesia is also about to establish a Junior High School in West-Lombok and conducted in 2018 significant help for the victims of a series of earthquakes in North Lombok.

    future indonesia 1 600 - Charity
    future indonesia 2 600 - Charity

    All Futura Indonesia institutions are providing high quality free of charge education to children from needy families. The children also receive one hot meal per day. All this happens without any political or religious influence in accordance with international teaching standards.

    Skutis Corporation supports Futura Indonesia by raising awareness and money. We are also providing human and material resources.

    WALKERS ON WHEELS FINAL 300x105 - Charity

    Our CEO, Dr. Jan-Hendrik M. F. Jurgens, co-founded in December 2019 together with Singaporean/Malaysian skutis enthusiasts a new NGO in Singapore and Bali, Walkers on Wheels. Walkers on Wheels provides less privileged families in Bali and beyond light skutis and helmets free of charge. Our NGO is also providing free maintenance and spare parts.

    little boy - Charity
    2 female pupils scaled - Charity

    Our skutis are primarily supporting teenagers living far away from their school without access to any means of transportation. The skutis are helping them to get to school faster and easier. Additionally, we are supporting their parents by providing free skutis if they need a means of transportation for their existing or for a new job. For example, our skutis can also be used by food delivery or security staff without the need for a driving license.