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    Last update: 04.04.2017

    Related to technical data

    How fast are skutis?

    Depending on the model, wind, ground conditions and on the weight of the rider, affordable skutis are usually having on flat ground a max. speed of 20 to 50 km/h. More expensive high-end skutis can reach a speed of 80 to 100 km/h. For more details, we recommend looking at the respective specific sheet of each skutis model.

    Can skutis drive uphill?

    Depending on the model and on the weight of the rider, skutis are usually able to negotiate 15 to 40° steep hills. However, even if a hill gets too steep, the rider can still negotiate the hill by supporting the motor through manual kicking.

    Are skutis water-resistant and can I use them during rain?

    The short answer is “Yes!”. None of our skutis would under normal circumstances get damaged if it is used during rain.

    However, you cannot go swimming with your skutis, of course. They are NOT WATERPROOFED. We also recommend to not use skutis during hard rain, since skutis are all containing water sensitive batteries. If your skutis is not opened or damaged, the only way how its batteries could get in contact with water is through the cable holes or through the charging port. Therefore, you should make always sure that the charging port is well closed and that your cable holes are well sealed.

    Additionally, we do not recommend parking your skutis outside without roof if there is rain expected. Some metal parts, like certain screws, could create flying rust if they get exposed too often to water. Fortunately, it is usually easy to park or store your skutis inside buildings or vehicles.

    Are skutis foldable?

    Yes, all our skutis are easily foldable, which makes transporting and folding them very convenient. Normally the entire folding process takes less than 10 seconds.

    How much kg can a skutis carry?

    Depending on the model, our skutis are tested with max. loading weights of max. 180kg. Note that high weights will have negative influence on the max. speed and max. distance per battery charge though.

    Can skutis carry more than one person?

    All our skutis are designed to merely carry one person, besides the “Smart Ant”, which is designed to carry up to two persons. Although not recommended by us, it is technically also possible to carry two persons with bigger skutis models such as the Anoa as long as the max. loading weight of the respective skutis model is not reached.

    How heavy are skutis?

    The weight of our skutis ranges between 8.3 kg (Street Rat) up to about 26 kg (Anoa), while the weight of most models lies between 13 to 20 kg. In accordance with the standards of Komunitas Skuter Elektris Indonesia, we are considering skutis with a weight of less than 15kg as light skutis, with a weight of less than 25kg as medium skutis, and with a weight of less than 35kg as heavy skutis. Heavier electric vehicles are not considered as skutis anymore.

    Are there also skutis with seats available?

    Yes, the Smart Ant is delivered with seats. In the future, other models might be available with seats too.

    Are skutis with seats still foldable?

    Yes, they are, but it takes more time to fold the skutis.

    Where can I ride skutis from a technical perspective?

    Technically you can ride your skutis almost everywhere. You can go uphill, you can ride on big or narrow roads, you can ride on sandy ways and the Anoa can even be used off-road. Holes that would not be a problem for bicycles or small motorbikes are usually also no battle for the Anoa. However, the rider always needs to consider the comparatively small tires of skutis, which will make it sometimes necessary to push or carry the skutis over steep or very uneven obstacles.

    Last but not least, skutis can be used in all non-extreme climates. This means our skutis are working with temperatures between -10 to plus 50 Celsius. The best battery performance can be achieved with a temperature of 25 Celsius though. Overall, the performance of the batteries will also depend on the average battery temperature.

    How big are skutis?

    The size depends on each model. All models below 20kg are usually not longer than 120cm though. Generally, skutis are bigger than the traditional non-electric kick-scooters, but much smaller than bicycles or motorbikes. For more specific information, you can have a look at the respective specifics sheets on our website.

    Related to daily usage

    Is it difficult to ride skutis?

    No, riding skutis is even easier than riding a motorbike or bicycle. Most people merely need a few seconds or minutes until they are able to ride their skutis alone.

    Where shall I park or store my skutis?

    We recommend storing your skutis overnight inside your home to recharge and protect it.

    During the day, you can store it next to or under your working desk.

    If you go out for eating, you can usually also store your skutis inside the restaurant.

    For short shopping trips, we recommend pushing (not ride) your skutis inside the mall/shop/market etc. You might also want to consider installing a shopping basket in the front or back of for your skutis.

    If you go out for drinking, we recommend storing your skutis at the wardrobe. In case you get too drunk, you should call a cap or a friend with a car and store the skutis in the trunk, instead of riding it while being drunk.

    In general, we recommend to always keep your skutis close to you. If you still prefer parking it on a normal parking place, you should make sure that it is locked well and not exposed too long to rain.

    Where can I bring my skutis for maintenance?

    If you are living on Bali, you may bring your skutis to the showroom of Skutis Corporation, at Canggu Square, North Kuta. We are also planning to establish further repair shops in the later future.

    If you are living in other parts of Indonesia, you can try to bring your skutis to an e-bicycle shop. You or the respective shop staff may contact Skutis Corporation to order all necessary spare parts. If it is about a warranty case, Skutis Corporation will bare all repairing costs.

    In case you are living in Singapore you may contact Skutis Corporation (e.g. via email: info@skutis.co) to receive the address of an e-scooter repair shop that suits your needs.

    Can I maintain my skutis by myself?

    Yes, our skutis are delivered with manuals and most of them with some basic tools, which can be used to do simple maintenance without help. Moreover, Skutis Corporation offers to all its customers assistance with issues related to maintenance.

    If needed, Skutis Corporation can also send spare parts to your address.

    Is Skutis Corporation offering tuning service?

    At this point of time we are not offering tuning service. We plan to change this in the future though.

    Related to battery, electricity, and efficiency

    Are skutis 100% electric?

    Yes, all skutis are propelled 100% with electricity.

    Are skutis really fume- and noiseless?

    Yes, they are. However, we should keep in mind that there is nowadays still much electricity generated through fume producing procedures, such as coal burning. This means an electric vehicle is only really 100% fumeless if it is propelled 100% by green energy such as solar energy.

    Can I charge my skutis at a standard 220v socket at home?

    Yes, you can charge your skutis at any standard 220v socket; just as your mobile phone, for example.

    How do I know whether my battery is charging and when it is fully charged?

    If your battery is charging, you will see a red light on your charger. If the battery is already fully charged, the light will turn green and the charging process stops automatically. Note that the light shines also green if your charger is connected to a socket, but disconnected from your skutis. If your charger is blinking read, then this usually means that your charger is not 100% connected to the wall socket.

    How long does the battery last?

    Mainly depending on the model, the weight of the rider, the average speed, and on the ground, the batteries last about 25 to 70km. The Anoa comes with the longest lasting battery. Moreover, all our lithium batteries last at least 800 charging cycles, which equals the current international standard.

    How can I make my battery last longer?

    If you regularly charge your skutis after its battery is about 50% empty and if you discharge your battery regularly in a surrounding temperature of 18 to 25 Celsius, you can increase the battery’s life time by about 50%.

    How high are the electricity costs to recharge a skutis?

    We calculated that riding 100km with your skutis will just cost you on Bali about IDR 2.800,- for electricity, which equals USD 0,20. Petrol costs (excluding oil) for a small motorbike are about 17 times more in Indonesia (< IDR 48.000,-).

    In Singapore, electricity is more expensive, but still cheap compared to petrol. There you can ride one of our skutis for around 34 Singapore Dollar Cents for electricity per 100km.

    How long does it take to charge a skutis?

    This depends on your skutis model or to be more precise on your battery. Assumed that your battery is completely empty the charging time varies between 4 to 13 hours.

    Related to safety and law

    Is it safe to ride skutis?

    Yes, each skutis gets comprehensively tested by our manufacturer before it gets delivered to Skutis Corporation or to our customers. Moreover, all skutis (even those with seats) can be ridden while standing. This allows a better overview in traffic and it enables skutis riders to react faster compared to motorbike and bicycle riders.

    Nevertheless, the usage of all motorised vehicles, including skutis, may lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, Skutis Corporation and KSE Indonesia are recommending to all skutis riders to wear helmets and closed shoes!

    Is the KSE Indonesia Code of Conduct binding law?

    No, the Code of Conduct of Komunitas Skuter Elektris (KSE) Indonesia is not binding law yet. However, Skutis Corporation highly recommends reading and following KSE Indonesia’s Code of Conduct. This will not only increase the safety for skutis riders and all other people in public. It will also increase the social tolerance for skutis riders and prevent the government to create laws that are detrimental for skutis users or distributors. Moreover, judges might consider the KSE Indonesia’s Code of Conduct to determine, whether somebody committed negligently a punishable act.

    Can I lock my skutis?

    Yes, you can lock your skutis, for example, with a long chain. Moreover, some skutis are produced with an integrated alarm system that also locks the motor and the battery. This system comes with a remote control. If possible, we recommend keeping your skutis always with you, instead of leaving it somewhere unattended.

    You may also have a look at the answer to this question: “Where shall I park or store my skutis?”

    Where can I ride skutis from a legal perspective?


    As far as we know, there are currently no special laws in Indonesia that are regulating the usage of skutis. This means you can use skutis everywhere where it is tolerated. So far this seems to be pretty much everywhere in public. However, if skutis riders start to ride dangerously or to annoy people, for example, through excessive use of the horn, then there might be less tolerance towards skutis riders in the future. In any case, you should check whether there are any special local laws in force in your home area that might forbid or limit the use of skutis.


    In Singapore, it is allowed to ride skutis on the pedestrian walk and on bicycles lanes. On the pedestrian walk the speed limit is 15 km/h, while it is 25 km/h on bicycle lanes. However, skutis are banned on Singapore’s roads. Note that your skutis also needs a front and a back light as well as a horn in Singapore.


    There is currently no special law in Germany that governs skutis. As a result, using skutis is not permitted in public areas that are subject to German traffic law; such as roads, bicycle lanes or pedestrian walks. However, according to our experience skutis are usually tolerated by the German police as long as they are not used on the roads and not in a dangerous or annoying way.

    Do I have to wear a helmet?

    There is no law in Germany, Singapore or Indonesia requiring skutis riders to wear a helmet. Nevertheless, in order to avoid serious injuries in case of an accident, Skutis Corporation highly recommends wearing at least a bicycle helmet, a skater helmet or a similar type of helmet.

    Do I have to register my skutis somewhere?

    No, skutis do not need to be registered in Singapore or Indonesia. However, if you bring your skutis to our showroom at Canggu Square on Bali, Skutis Corporation is offering to register it in our company system. If you ever lose your skutis or if it gets stolen, this will increase your chance to find it again after you reported its loss to the police.

    Can my child ride a skutis?

    Riding a skutis is easier than riding a bicycle or a motorbike. This means children are usually capable of riding a skutis. Nevertheless, for children below 10 years it is difficult to estimate their own speed and the speed of other vehicles. Therefore, Skutis Corporations recommends to not allow children below 10 years to ride a skutis in public. Moreover, we recommend that children below 14 years are not riding skutis that are faster than 20 to 25 km/h.

    Can I take my skutis into an airplane?

    The clear majority of airlines are considering skutis as “dangerous goods”, because they are containing big lithium batteries. Therefore, they are usually not allowing passengers to bring skutis on board.

    If you want to try to take your skutis with you on a trip by airplane, you should ask the airline for permission before you are booking your ticket. You should also make sure that your skutis is charged less than 20%, which makes the lithium batteries much less dangerous.

    Are there any special insurances for skutis riders?

    As far as Skutis Corporation is informed there are currently no special insurances existing for skutis users. However, Skutis Corporation is co-operating with Allianz insurance in Indonesia in order to provide an appropriate liability insurance to skutis riders.

    In Singapore are already a few insurances existing that are offering special accident insurances for Personal Mobility Device users such as skutis riders.

    Do I have to pay taxes if I own or use a skutis?

    No, owning and using skutis is entirely tax free in Singapore and Indonesia.

    Related to business customers and partners

    What is a business customer?
    If you are ordering more than three skutis at once, we are considering you as a business customer.

    What is a business partner?

    If you are co-operating with us to generate an income, for example, by distributing, repairing or tuning our skutis, we are considering you as a business partner.

    Is Skutis Corporation still looking for business partners?
    Yes, if you are interested in a cooperation you may contact Skutis Corporation, for example, via email: info@skutis.co

    Do I get a discount if I buy at least five skutis as a business customer?
    Yes, but the amount of discount is subject to negotiations.

    Do I have to order my skutis through the online store as business customer?
    You can, but you do not have to. If you are a business customer, we are happy to provide you a customised offer.

    Can Skutis Corporation train my staff to maintain skutis?
    If you are a business customer or a business partner, Skutis Corporation is willing and able to train your staff in skutis maintenance.

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