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    New Business Launch – Skuti Food

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    Skutis Corporation Social Media Assistant

    We are proud to announce that Skutis Corporation will launch on 11 May 2020 a new business in Bali: Skuti Food

    Skuti Food is our response to increased demand for affordable, fast, reliable, and sustainable food delivery service in Bali. It is a B2B business that partners with restaurants, supermarkets, and food or beverage stores. Skuti Food is offering our partners to outsource their delivery service to our professional skutis riders or to buy our skutis to create their own advanced and green delivery service.

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    Our Partners are benefitting from:

    • Cheaper delivery costs compared to GoFood or GrabFood
    • Faster delivery in congested areas
    • No delivery fees for their customers
    • Skutis don’t create noise or fumes
    • Skutis require less parking space
    • An improved brand image (more efficient and sustainable delivery)
    • Better customer service (no new app or third party involved)
    • New marketing content and opportunities

    skutis food logo 1 1024x724 - New Business Launch – Skuti Food

    Our riders are all bilingual, registered with BPJS, and equipped with:

    • Anoa Ex+ – Green Warrior skutis
    • A phone holder
    • A waterproofed transparent phone casing
    • A rain coat
    • Large isolated food delivery bags for warm food
    • Small cooling bags for cold food and beverages

    Skuti Food’s operational hours will be daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. WITA

    Skuti Food is currently looking for Partners in Seminyak, Kerobokan, and Tibubeneng. Drop us an email to info@skutis.co if you are keen to bring your delivery service to the next level. You may also visit us at our office at Jalan Bumbak No 65, Kerobokan, Bali.