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  • NEW YEAR PROMOTION - New Year Sale!!!

    New Year Sale!!!

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    Skutis Corporation E-commerce Assistant

    To celebrate the New Year, Skutis Corporation is presenting to you various special offers, which are only valid for this January:

    > 7.5% discount for the Anoa Ex+ – Green Warrior (from IDR 18,000,000.- to IDR 16,650,000.-) and you will get one FREE Skutis Gear Helmet for each Green Warrior purchase.
    > Our Cicak E9 is available for IDR 2,800,000.- instead of IDR 3,000,000.-, but note that there is only one more left in stock.
    > You can also buy our original Xiaomi M365 Pro and for each Xiaomi skutis purchase, you will receive one FREE Skutis Gear Helmet (worth 550,000.- IDR).
    > We are also providing 15% discount for our LED Underbody Kit and for our Sport Glasses.
    > Moreover, we got a special offer for Anoa Ex+ and Anoa Ex+ – Green Warrior rental: 120k/24 hours instead of 150k IDR.

    Propelled by advanced lithium battery technology, our electric scooters will make your daily commuting and leisure trips fun. Environmentally friendly, noiseless, fumeless, foldable and fast; you can only acquire these benefits from our high quality skutis.