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  • 10 x 3 inch GST Vacuum Tire


    10 x 3 inch GST vacuum (tubeless) tire for Anoa Ex+ series.

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    This 10 x 3 inch GST Vacuum Tire is suitable for the Anoa Ex+ and Anoa Ex+ Green Warrior. They decrease the chance of getting a flat tire significantly and make checking air pressure only necessary every two months, instead of every two weeks. However, we are still recommending to check the air pressure every 4 weeks.

    The price is for one tire only and we are recommending to buy two tires.

    These tires need to get installed with inner tubes. Order your inner tubes here

    We recommend you to send your skutis to an authorized service centre of Skutis Corporation in order to do the installation of these tires for you.

    Delivery costs within Indonesia are included.

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