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    Our Anoa Ex+ is Skutis Corporation’s flagship skutis and currently considered as the most popular skutis model in Indonesia. The striking design of the current modified version of the Anoa Ex+ was completed in July 2018 by a Chinese, German, Indonesian, and Singaporean designer team. Its design is the impressive result of more than 18 years of experience in the electric kick-scooter/skutis industry. The Anoa has various features that were especially added for the Indonesian market. As a result, traffic, speed bumps (polisi tidur), steep or bumpy roads, high temperature, longer distances, and rain are no threat for the Anoa.

    See the Anoa Ex+ in action.

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    > Pre-order only, delivery expected in November 2019;
    > Deliveries have no hidden costs and include all taxes and transport costs;
    > New features like direction indicators, key ignition system,  etc. (see below);
    > 6 months warranty.

    The Anoa Ex+ represents the next-generation of skutis, bringing you a new level of affordability, comfort, and efficiency. It is suitable for short to moderate distances, and for riders who plan to use their skutis on big main roads or on bumpy roads. It is also in high demand by rental and tour businesses.

    Equipped with a 1.000 Watts (max. 1.600 Watts) brushless motor, increased chassis, water resistance, 25° climbing ability, 4 high quality suspensions and 10 x 2.5 inch pneumatic tyres, the Anoa is specially adapted for challenging road conditions.

    The Anoa is also equipped with a regenerative rear drum brake (charges battery by braking), a front disc brake, a strong front light, stylish rear (braking) lights, and an optional multiple sound horn, making it safe and fun to ride on both in the day and night.

    The latest Anoa Ex+ version also features a key ignition system (like a motorbike), direction indicators on the rear mudguard, and an improved front light.

    For more relaxed riders the Anoa Ex+ can also get equipped with a bicycle seat.


    • A max. speed of 45 to 50 km/h (three speed modes);*
    • A max. distance of 60 km without recharging;*
    • A max. loading weight of 120 kg;
    • Direction indicators;
    • Key ignition system;
    • Various accessories (e.g. electric horn, phone holder) available.

    Check out the “Technical Specs” rider to get more information about technical specifications.


    As with all our skutis, the Anoa got its brand name from an animal. The Anoa is the smallest species of buffalo in the world and weighs anything from 150 to 300 kg. It inhabits mainly the mountains and lowland rainforest of Sulawesi, Indonesia. We believe it matches the power, colour, and uniqueness of our Anoa skutis.


    *Tested with a 75 kg rider on flat ground in eco mode (speed mode one).

    Additional information

    Weight 29 kg
    Dimensions 118 × 26 × 48 cm

    Anoa EX (med. battery/45km distance), Anoa EX+ (big battery/60km distance)

    Specifications and Manual

    Technical Specifications of Anoa EX+ (English, .pdf)

    Spesifikasi Teknis dari ANOA EX+ (Bahasa Indonesia, .pdf)

    Anoa Ex+ User Manual 2019 (English)


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