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    Anoa V1

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    As the predecessor of our Anoa Ex+ series, the Anoa V1 was our flagship skutis in 2016. Its striking design was finished in May 2016 by TNE Scooter; a renowned international skutis manufacturer.

    The completely foldable Anoa V1 represents the next-generation of skutis, bringing about a new level of affordability, comfort, and efficiency.

    Equipped with a 500 Watts brushless motor, water resistance, 27 degree climbing ability, oil suspension and 10inch pneumatic tyres, the Anoa V1 can also be used conveniently on bumpy or earthy roads.

    Integrated blue LED lights on the sides of the rear wheel and golden wheel rims make the Anoa V1 also look very stylish.

    Check out this little demonstration video of the Anoa V1, but note that the LED lights on the side of the board are not included.

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    • This is a second-hand product, but still in good condition;
    • Very limited stock;
    • Available in Bali only;
    • Shipping costs from Bali are not included;
    • There is no warranty, but most spare parts are still in stock.

    The Anoa V1 is equipped with:

    ✓ A USB charger,

    ✓ a black/blue phone holder (not in pictures),

    ✓ A loud integrated electric horn,

    ✓ A compass,

    ✓ A rear drum brake,

    ✓ A front disc brake,

    ✓ A strong front light,

    ✓ Rear braking lights.

    Technical Specifications in a Nutshell:

    • Max. speed of 40 to 45 km/h;*
    • Max. distance of about 20 to 25 km without recharging;*
    • 48V/18Ah lithium battery back;
    • Max. loading weight of 110 kg;
    • Can carry one person.

    All this makes riding the Anoa V1 safe, comfortable, and fun on both in the day and night. It is the premier skutis built for the mobile road warrior.


    As all our skutis the Anoa V1 got its brand name also from an animal. An Anoa is with a weight of 150 to 300 kg the smallest kind of buffalo in the world. It inhabits mainly the mountains and lowland rainforest of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Final Notes:

    The manual is currently only available in German language.

    There is no warranty available for this product, since it is a second-hand skutis.


    *Tested on Bali with a 85 kg rider on flat ground with an average speed of 30 km/h.

    Additional information


    Skutis only, Skutis with maintenance package


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