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    Anoa Xtreme

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    With a top speed of 70 km/h and its futuristic design, the ANOA XTREME is Indonesia’s counterpart to international high-end electric scooters such as the Dualtron Ultra. It was developed by a multi-national team in 2018 for challenging road conditions as they are common in Indonesia and offers maximum durability to riders on and off the roads. Equipped with two motors and all-wheel drive, this skutis is rightfully called the Anoa “Xtreme”. Skutis Corporation designed this advanced Anoa series model with high power and quality performance in mind. Bigger 11-inch pneumatic road (default) or off-road tires overpower against most terrains, which makes the Anoa Xtreme appealing and exciting to adventure seekers.

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    Like the name suggests, the Anoa Xtreme is built for extreme riders in extreme settings. Riders feel comfortable utilizing this new model in various conditions, from flat and dry main roads to unpaved and steep back roads. The Anoa Xtreme is the first true semi-off-road skutis by Skutis Corporation and it is the toughest model yet.

    Incorporating two 1.200-Watt brushless motors paired with a 60V/29Ah lithium battery pack (70 km distance per charge) gives the Anoa Xtreme endurance, speed, strength, and stability. The all-wheel drive easily powers the scooter through bumpy terrains and allows a climbing ability of 100% (45°). This model is designed with 11-inch pneumatic tires, which is a larger wheel size compared to any of Skutis Corporation’s other models.

    High speed and main road suitability are promoted by two next-generation, high-performance semi-hydraulic disc brakes and new integrated direction indicators.

    Style and high visibility at night are guaranteed by a bright, white LED front light, a red tail light with integrated braking lights and two sleek white LED stripes installed on the left and right side of the battery pan.

    The Anoa Xtreme also kept all the favorite features of the Anoa Ex+ skutis. Like the Anoa Ex+, the Anoa Xtreme can be fully folded in under 10 seconds and carries an integrated 5v USB charger (e.g. to charge your smartphone). Like its little brother, the Anoa Ex+, it also comes with four high quality suspensions. In fact, a new c-type suspension system in the front and improved chassis make the Anoa Xtreme even better suspended than the Anoa Ex+. This allows Anoa Xtreme riders to conquer even more challenging road conditions while standing on a wider and more comfortable deck.

    Last but not least, the Anoa Xtreme is equipped with a key ignition system and an integrated voltmeter (like an electric motorbike). Additional accessories such as a bicycle or child seat, electric horn, phone holder, angel wing lights etc. are available.


    – A max. speed of 70 km/h + (one-wheel to all-wheel drive switch):*

    – A max. distance of 70 km without recharging;*

    – A max. loading weight of 150 kg;

    – All-wheel drive;

    – Stylish direction indicators;

    – 5v USB charger;

    – Key ignition system with volt meter;

    – Various accessories available (e.g. electric horn, phone holder, child seat, angel wing lights etc.).


    Check out the Technical Specs rider to get more information about technical specifications.



    The Anoa Xtreme is the latest member of the Anoa skutis series, named after the Anoa Buffalo species from the mountains of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Although the Anoa Buffalo is the smallest buffalo species, it possesses a startling strength, like the Anoa skutis. The Anoa Xtreme reflects the power and agility of the Anoa Ex+, but takes the technology to the next level with off-roading capabilities and maximum durability.


    *Tested with 75 kg rider

    Additional information

    Tire Type

    Road Tires (default), Off-road Tires

    Specs & Manual

    Technical Specifications of Anoa Xtreme (English, .pdf)
    Spesifikasi Teknis Anoa Xtreme (Bahasa Indonesia, .pdf)

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