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    Cicak E9

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    The Cicak (E9) is one of Indonesia’s most simple and practical skutis. It is a great choice for people traveling short distances in urban areas. The Cicak is perfect for first time skutis riders. It is suitable for both adults and children above the age of six, since the front bar can get adjusted to three different heights. This foldable skutis is light, compact, and very fun to ride! In combination with public transport such as busses, subway or MRT, the Cicak makes an efficient everyday travelling partner. Choose the colour which suits you best! The Cicak is available in green and black.

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    • Only green color are still in stock;
    • Please, state in your order, which color you are preferring;
    • Deliveries have no hidden costs, include all taxes and transport costs and estimated delivery is before Christmas;
    • 3 months warranty for major parts.

    After pushing or kicking the Cicak to a speed of 7 km/h, a 150-Watt automatic brushless motor propelled by a 2600Mah Li-ion battery kicks in to hold your speed up to a max. speed of 15 km/h (3 times the speed of the average pedestrian). Your battery will last up to 10 km on a single charge. Even if your battery is empty, it can be charged at any normal wall 220 v socket within 3 hours. Braking is no problem using the foot brake. Carry your Cicak to every place you want, it only weighs 8 kg.

    The Cicak comes with 8-inch maintenance free hard rubber wheels.

    Maintenance is no problem for the Cicak; it is almost maintenance free!

    It comes with a 3 months warranty for the battery, charger, controller, motor and skutis frame.


    Technical specifications in a nutshell:

    A max. speed of 12-15 km/h;

    A max. distance of 7-10 km;

    A max. loading weight of 95 kg;

    Rechargeable in about 3 hours;

    Lightweight design, only 8 kg;

    Available in green and black.

    Check out the “Technical Specifications” rider to get more information about technical specifications.



    As with all our skutis, the Cicak got its brand name of an animal. With a length up to 150 millimetres, a Cicak lizard is a beautiful small creature. Just as our compact and lightweight Cicak skutis, the Cicak lizard is very agile and usually found in urban areas.

    Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications of Cicak 2019.pdf (English)

    Spesifikasi Cicak_29_Jan_2020


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