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    Red Dragonfly

    Rp5.500.000,00 Rp4.000.000,00

    Meet the one of the oldest members of our Skutis family: the DRAGONFLY – lightweight, simple and fun!

    Our entry-level model is perfect for riders on a budget. Despite its low price, the Dragonfly is a powerhouse. With its new elastic board suspension system, the Dragonfly provides for a smooth riding experience and reaches a top speed of 25km/h! Equipped with an entire array of functions and being highly portable, the Dragonfly is the unparalled skutis of choice in the entry-level market.

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    > We have only one red Dragonfly as an used (but wasn’t used much) skutis left. It is offered for a special cheap price and stored at our Bali office;

    > Prices shown have no hidden costs and include all taxes and transport costs;

    The suspension system of the Dragonfly consists of a newly invented flexible metal plate in the deck centre. This guarantees a ride as smooth as floating above the street. The extendible handle makes it a very comfortable skutis even for taller riders.

    With a 6,6 Ah lithium battery powering the 250 Watt front motor you reach a distance of about 25 km at a top speed of 25 km/h on a full charge. This makes the Dragonfly the perfect companion for your daily commute. The Dragonfly can be quickly charged in 4 hours with a standard socket.

    The Dragonfly is equipped with an electric front brake and a manual foot brake in the rear for enhanced safety.

    With its strong front light and red reflectors in the rear, the Dragonfly is safe to be rode on at night. Additionally, different accessories such as an external horn or a helmet with integrated direction indicators and front and back lights can be purchased at an affordable price.

    The Dragonfly comes in two stylish colours: metallic red and galaxy black.

    A max. speed of 25 km/h;
    A max. distance of 25 km on a full charge;*
    A max. loading weight of 100 kg;
    Rechargeable in about 4 hours.


    As with all our skutis, the brand name for the Dragonfly is inspired by an animal. Dragonflies are small and light insects that move silently. Due to their dynamic and flexible body, they are fast and agile, just like our Dragonfly skutis. With its wide array of features and beautiful design, the Dragonfly is the stylish new kid in the block!

    * Tested with a 70kg rider on flat ground with an average speed of 20 km/h.

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