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    Dualtron Ultra

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    The Dualtron Ultra rewrites the history of electric kick-scooters. It is currently the most advanced e-scooter among those that went into mass production. Its design, which includes forged aircraft aluminium is the impressive result of 18 years of experience in e-scooter manufacturing. This brand is owned by our partner Minimotors, an international renowned South Korean e-scooter manufacturer. The coolest features of the Dualtron Ultra are, despite having an impressive max. speed of 75 to 80 km/h, that it can travel 100 to 120 km per full battery charge.

    See the Dualtron Ultra in action in this YouTube video.

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    If you are looking for a true off-road e-scooter, the Dualtron Ultra is the best choice! The Dualtron Ultra’s standard configuration includes two 11 inch extra wide (90 mm) pneumatic off-road tires. However, you may also order your Dualtron Ultra affixed with road tires.

    A next-generation dual rubber suspension system absorbs large shocks as well as small vibrations. This ensures a comfortable ride on different types of terrain.

    Its safety features include four strong white front lights, as well as bright red rear and braking lights. All lights are integrated into the body of the Dualtron Ultra. This protects the lights from damage and gives the Dualtron Ultra a minimalistic and sleek look.

    The Dualtron Ultra also boasts additional safety features such as the two high-end electric disc brakes (front and rear). What is best about the electric brakes is that they use the heat produced by the braking process to partly recharge the battery. This system contributes to the impressive max. distance per battery charge of more than 100 km.

    A BLDC dual hub motor with a max. power of 5.400 Watts (2.700 Watts per motor), allows you to ride up steep hills with an incline of 35 degrees (70%). This is possible with a load of up to 150 kg, although the weight of the Dualtron Ultra is just about 37 kg.

    Another extraordinary feature of the Dualtron Ultra are the front and rear swing arms. They are made from special forged aluminium that is usually used for aircrafts. These futuristic swing arms enable the Dualtron Ultra to be durable yet lightweight.

    Despite its massive power, the Dualtron Ultra is still easily foldable so that it can get stored easily.

    Finally, the dashboard (display) of the Dualtron Ultra is a self-developed multi-function panel that allows you to adjust the speed mode, starting mode, cruising mode, and electronic brakes, besides other parameters.



    • A max. speed of 80 km/h (six power/speed levels);*
    • A max. distance of 100 to 120 km without recharging;*
    • A max. loading weight of 150 kg;
    • Body weight 37 kg.


    The Dualtron Ultra has a weight of more than 35 kg, which is why this vehicle type is according to the standards of Komunitas Skuter Elektris Indonesia not to be considered as skutis anymore. It falls rather into the category of electric off-road motorbikes or into a special vehicle category that is not determined yet. In Singapore the Dualtron Ultra falls into the broad category of e-scooters.


    * Tested with 75 kg rider, with average speed of 20 km/h and on flat ground; a 95 kg rider will reach a top speed of 70 kM/h+.

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    Specs & Manuals

    Technical Specifications of Dualtron Ultra (.pdf, English)

    Spesifikasi Teknis Dualtron Ultra (.pdf, Bahasa Indonesia)

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