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  • LED Underbody Kit (16 Colours)


    Our new customised outdoor LED underbody light kit comes with remote control and allows riders to choose between 16 different colours!

    The LED lights are very bright and of high quality. This will not only make your ride at night very fancy, but it will also increase your visibility, making your ride with skutis even more safe.

    To see how our underbody light kit looks like, watch this short demonstration video.

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    The LED lights are water resistant RGBs that can get controlled through a remote control. This enables you to choose between 16 different colours, adjust the brightness of your lights or select one of the four special light modes.

    The Kit and the LED lights will not reduce the endurance of your main skutis battery, because it comes with an external 12 V / 2,6 Ah lithium battery. This external 12 V battery by Skutis Gear has an on/off button as well as an indicator that will display the battery level (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). The battery easily lasts for a whole night or day, and it takes only a few hours to recharge it completely.

    This kit is customized for our skutis and suitable for most of our skutis types (except for our Street Rats model), but it can also get easily installed on other vehicles such as bicycles or motorbikes, making all kind of rides more safe and pleasant.

    The installation requires a hot glue gun and some basic knowledge about wires and electricity. If you are located on Bali, you have the option to order the kit together with our installation service. If so, you can be sure that our technicians would properly install the kit on your skutis, motorcycle or bicycle.

    The Kit Includes:

    – 12 V / 2,6 Ah external LED battery by Skutis Gear

    – Charger for 12 V battery

    – Special lithium battery protection bag (black)

    – Remote control with light sensor

    – 1m to 2m LED stripes (length depends on your vehicle’s size)

    – Black cable rail to protect the LED lights against shocks and dust

    Additional information

    Installation Service

    WITH installation service at your nearest Skutis Corporation service centre (plus IDR 160.000), WITHOUT installation service (do it yourself)

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