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  • Roadrunner Protector


    Skutis Corporation presents the latest skutis model to the Indonesian market, which comes with some impressive improvements and upgrades. The Roadrunner Protector was especially designed for security, police, and first aid staff to improve their mobility and visibility. By riding the slim and practical Roadrunner in standing position the rider has more control over the environment and can spot dangers or open ways faster to bicycle or motorbike riders. In order to boost its function as a security mobility device, the Roadrunner is equipped with a big round alarm signal light behind the seat. Night riding will not be an issue as a two white front LED lights are integrated into the left and right side of the board.

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    Important Notice:

    • This skutis is only available for pre-orders and the delivery time is usually 8 to 10 weeks after full payment;
    • A faster delivery of about 4 weeks is possible for an extra charge (air cargo).

    Powered by a 1000-Watt automatic, brushless motor and propelled by a 48V/13 Ah next-generation lithium battery pack, the Roadrunner Protector runs up to 45 km/h. The new battery enables the Roadrunner to reach a maximum distance of 40 km per full charge.

    The speed, distance, as well as the battery status can be easily monitored on an integrated colored display. The display also includes a 5v USB charger for your phone or additional accessories such as an additional headlight.

    This skutis is equipped with two independently operating high quality disc brakes to ensure the riders safety even if one brake has a malfunction. The Roadrunner uses 10-inch pneumatic tires, which boost stability and convenience on bumpy roads. Riding at night will not be an issue as two white front LED lights are integrated into the left and right side of the board.

    Despite all the above-mentioned amazing features, the Roadrunner Protector does not require heavy maintenance. All major parts come with a 6 months warranty.

    For more information regarding the warranty or technical data, please take a look at the technical specifications section.

    Technical Specifications in a Nutshell:
    A max. speed of 45 km/h+;
    A max. distance of 40 km without recharging;*
    A max. loading weight of 130 kg;
    Rechargeable in about 6 hours+;
    Available in blue, black, champagne, green, and grey (blue is standard for the Roadrunner Protector).


    6 months for:

    Battery, charger, controller, display with throttle, motor, and skutis frame;

    No warranty for:

    Other parts such as brakes, lights, suspensions, tubes, and wheels.

    NOTE: No warranty for any damage caused by water.


    Technical Specifications of Roadrunner Protector (English, .pdf)

    Spesifikasi Teknis Roadrunner Protector (Bahasa Indonesia, .pdf)