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    Smart Ant Pro

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    The Smart Ant is a wise choice if you are looking for a powerful short distance skutis that can carry a second adult person or a little bit of cargo/baggage. It was designed for hotels, resorts, and large private compounds. It is also a fun and practical option for individuals, who would like to do their daily commute on low costs with an environmentally friendly, next-generation vehicle. Two geared 800 Watts motors allow a max. speed of 45 km/h, which is enough to keep up with bigger vehicles in congested areas.

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    With two high quality, foldable leather seats and a max. load of 200 kg, the Smart Ant Pro is currently our only skutis that is designed to conveniently carry two persons. Despite having two seats and a longer size, the Smart Ant Pro is easily folded and is very portable.

    To increase safety and visibility, the Smart Ant is Pro equipped with a white front LED light, red rear lights, as well as red braking lights. Moreover, it comes with a nice side lights on the bottom.

    Its 10-inch pneumatic tires and automatic dual geared motors system will ensure that you have a smooth riding experience on any terrain.

    Max. speed 45 km/h (three speed modes);*
    Max. distance 45 km without recharging (single motor);*
    Dual motors available
    Max. loading weight of 200 kg;
    Designed for 2 persons (2 seats);
    Various accessories (e.g. electric horn, phone holder) available.


    As with all our skutis, the Smart Ant Pro got its brand name from an animal. Ants can carry several times more than their own body weight. Similarly, our Smart Ant Pro is able to carry about 7 times more than its own body weight of ~34 kg. Moreover, Ants are quick, versatile, and capable of taking over different functions. All this is also true for the Smart Ant Pro.

    *Tested with 2 riders (140 kg) on flat ground with an average speed of 20,5 km/h.

    Warranty :

    10 months for:
    Battery, motor, and scooter frame;

    3 months for:
    Charger and display with speed thumb.

    No warranty for:
    Wheels, brakes, suspensions, and lights, or if any damage was caused by water.

    Condition :

    Only 1 pcs (Second hand in good condition In Jakarta)

    Additional information

    Weight 30 kg
    Dimensions 137 × 38 × 36 cm

    Two Motors

    Specs and Manuals

    Technical Specifications of Smart Ant Pro (English, .pdf)

    Spesifikasi Teknis Smart Ant Pro (Bahasa Indonesia, .pdf)

    Smart Ant Manual (old) (English) {32,2 MB}

    Spesifikasi Teknis Smart Ant (lama)


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