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  • Street Rat v1 (second-hand)


    The Street Rat is a great choice for people who intend to ride their skutis for short distances in urban and paved areas. Its ultra-light weight of 8.3 kg makes the Street Rat one of the lightest skutis in the world. At the same time, the Street Rat is our most compact and affordable skutis. It has a modern carbon fibre design, which was completed in November 2016, and comes in four new exciting colours, making the Street Rat a stylish companion in everyday life.

    Check our Street Rat’s video here.

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    • Available only in pink color; ask for availability first;
    • Shipping costs from Bali are not included. Please, ask us for the costs before ordering;
    • Second hand with good condition;
    • No warranty for second hand skutis.

    Unlike other light skutis, the Street Rat stands out with its new fourfold front suspension system, which makes your riding experience more comfortable. A 250 Watt automatic, brushless motor propelled by an 8.8 Ah lithium battery enables the Street Rat to drive up to 25 km/h*, which is almost 5 times as fast as an average pedestrian. The speed, the total mileage, as well as the battery status can be conveniently monitored on a coloured display.

    Due to its regenerative electric braking system, the Street Rat can be used for up to 25km without recharging. Even if your battery is completely empty, it can be conveniently recharged with a standard socket in just about 4 hours. Supplementary to the electric front brake, the Street Rat’s safety is enhanced through a manual foot brake above its rear wheel. With its strong, white 3W front light, and with its red rear light, it can also be used safely at night.

    Despite all the above-mentioned amazing features, the Street Rat does not require much maintenance and major parts of the Street Rat come with a 12 months warranty.

    For more information regarding the warranty or technical data, please take a look at the technical specs section.

    A max. speed of 20 – 25 km/h;*
    A max. distance of 15 to 20 km without recharging;*
    A max. loading weight of 100 kg;
    Rechargeable in about 4 hours;


    As with all our skutis, the inspiration for the Street Rat’s brand name also comes from an animal. Street rats are hard to catch because of their tiny size, speed, agility and intelligence. The same characteristics are embodied by our Street Rat skutis. Although it does not boost a large motor, it is compact and very light, quick, and convenient to use with its smart design. With all its technical features and environmentally friendly efficiency, it is certainly also a smart decision to make the Street Rat your new companion in everyday life.

    * Tested with a 60kg rider on the flat ground with an average speed of 18 km/h.

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    Technical Specs

    Technical specifications of Street Rat (English)

    Spesifikasi teknis Street Rat (Bahasa Indonesia) 

    Manual (English)


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