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  • Electric scooter Jakarta Pollution solution

    Skutis Corporation Enters Jakarta

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    Electric scooter Jakarta Pollution solution  300x225 - Skutis Corporation Enters Jakarta

    Electric scooters are the solution for Jakarta’s pollution problem

    While Skutis Corporation already has a major presence in Bali, the time for Jakarta has come too. This autumn, Skutis Corporation will become the first skutis company to enter the Jakarta market by establishing a new showroom and skutis assembly line. Skutis Corporation’s current and future customers around Jakarta will be able to enjoy the amazing power and fun of electric scooters, while benefiting from outstanding customer service.

    The showroom will offer various skutis models for testing and buying, including:

    > the ultra light Street Rat

    > the two seated Smart Ant

    > the versatile Anoa Ex+

    > the new semi off-road Anoa Xtreme, and

    > the super powerful Dualtron Ultra.

    There will also be various accessories, spare parts, and tuning parts available.

    With Indonesia’s first skutis assembly line, Skutis Corporation plans to produce a new modified Street Rat version (6-inch wheels), a modified Anoa Ex+ version (10-inch wheels + direction indicators), and the brand new Anoa Xtreme (11-inch wheels, 2 motors, semi-off-road capability). This plan will not only allow Indonesians to have more models to choose from, it will also be an innovative way to create new jobs and to boost Indonesia’s tourism industry.

    Electric scooter Jakarta Beat the traffic jam 300x257 - Skutis Corporation Enters Jakarta

    E-scooters beat every traffic jam

    And there are multiple reasons that made already many people in Jakarta opt for skutis.

    The truth is that the traffic in Indonesia is massive and chaotic; especially in Jakarta. Even if you have a motorcycle or a bicycle, you know that it can take a lot of time to go from home to work. However, with light and slim skutis it is possible to beat every traffic jam, while reducing travelling time in congested areas significantly.

    In addition, when you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle, Indonesia’s hot climate will make you arrive at work all sweaty. If you are riding a skutis, in contrast, the wind will cool down your entire body.

    So, going by skutis is a perfect environmentally friendly solution. You won’t arrive sweaty, you’ll spend much less time in commuting, and you will help to make Indonesia green again.

    In case you’re not convinced yet, just imagine how much money you can save when you have your own skutis. And we won’t even compare it with a car. Let’s simply compare it with a petrol motorcycle. Unlike motorcycles skutis are 100% propelled by electricity; no petrol or oil is required anymore. Electricity is also a lot more affordable than petrol. As a result, by skutis you can ride for only 3.000 IDR about 100 km, while petrol costs with a motorcycle would easily reach 20 times more (about 60.000 IDR). In addition, skutis don’t produce any noise or fumes.

    In what concerns efficiency, they are incredible 9 times more efficient than a motorcycle. This means you need 9 times less power to travel the same distance. This in turn is a big benefit for Indonesia’s energy consumption levels and a good way to reduce Indonesia’s CO2 footprint.

    Weighing between 7 and 40 kg, skutis can be quickly folded and carried over with you easily. This makes them very practical.

    In case you never saw or used an electric scooter before, you need to know that most skutis are used in standing position. This is not only a good position for your backbone. Standing will also allow you to have a better perspective on the road, while other traffic participants will see you more quickly. And when you simply want to cruise around, standing will be better as well, since it will give you a better view on beautiful Indonesia.

    With a maximum speed of 25 to 80 km/h and using batteries that can last between 25 and 120 km, skutis are a great alternative means of transport. Another advantage of skutis is that you can easily adjust their height according to your preferences.

    Learn more about how skutis will change Indonesia by watching this YouTube documentary.

    What are you waiting for? Get yourself a skutis and help to make Indonesia green again! =)